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The New Dating Scene
Three weeks ago my girlfriend invited me out to our local pub for girl talk. She’s been stuck in a relationship for the past year and wasn’t able to see the forest for the trees. Of course I was more than happy to help her out over dinner, drinks and trash talking.
Delilah, [...]

Honor in My Heart

All my life, and to this day, three years after Eric’s untimely suicide, I have walked up to and thanked members of our Armed Forces for serving our country. That is, by chance, how this mother, at 46 years of age, found herself dressed in full ACUs (Army Combat Uniform) on this Memorial Day Weekend.

I Just Want to be Mad for a While

Some claim I’m crazy. I really can’t argue with them. I rode 4000 miles across America by myself on a horse. On the eve of my second wedding night—yep married and divorced, twice—I slept in a ditch. Then one night, this past week, I slept in my pickup truck at a truck stop. I don’t [...]

Hello world!

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